Pivot Book Totes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! That's actually how Pivot Book Totes came to fruition! For custom order inquiries, please use to contact tab or send an email to pivotbooktotes@gmail.com. I've done pre-order incentive totes for authors like Paula Stokes, Anne Blackman, Julie Eshbaugh, and many more! No matter what you're interest is, if you can dream it, I can paint it!

Do you do returns?

Unfortunately, no. All sales are final.

What if there's a design I'm interested in, but it's not currently listed in your shop?

Shoot me an email, and I can set up a link for you!

Are these actually hand painted or screen printed?

They are each individually hand painted! I sketch a light design and then paint it on the canvas. No stencils or screen printing involved, meaning each bag is completely unique!

What type of material is the bag?

They are a heavy duty canvas.

Are they sealed?

Each tote is sealed with a clear gloss acrylic sealer, making the artwork last and last! As always, the bags last longer if you don't wash them that much. However, they can be washed and each order comes with instructions on how to preserve them the longest.


As always, if you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you!